Sunday, May 5, 2024

Gantry Movement - It's alive!

The right gantry support is alive! Got the Arduino Uno up and running with GBRL (lite CNC control software that takes G-code)

Right Gantry Mechanicals

I needed a way to secure the belts to the new frame design. Fusion 360, a few back and forth mods, and here is the result in this first picture. 

The belt traversing through the roller bearings, and gear

Right Gantry Support

 Yes, this is a 3D printed part. It's incredibly strong. 

Embarking on a CNC build

 I took on the project of building my own CNC... from scratch. Okay, maybe not completely from scratch... I started out with Ivan Miranda's "Mini" CNC plans. I've expanded upon that by making a bed that is nearly 34" x 40" - and open ended on the Y axis for pass through... should I ever need to.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

3D Printed Engine Block


Here is a fun one. Printed this out a few weeks ago. It is a desk pen and card holder, in the form of an engine block!